NILE - 2012 "At the gates Of Sethu" (USA)

01.Enduring the eternal molestation of flame
02.The fiends who come to steal the magick of the deceased
03.The inevitable degradation of flesh
04.When my wrath is done
05.Slaves of Xul
06.The gods who light up the sky at the gate of sthu
07.Natural liberation of fear through the ritual deception of death
08.Ethno-Musicological cannibalisms
09.Tribunal of the dead
10.Supreme humanism of megalomania
11.The claining of the iniquitous


Napalm Death - 2012 "Utilitarian" U.K.

02.Errors in the signals
03.Everyday Pox
04.Protection Racket
05.The wolf I feed
07.Fall on the their swords
08.Collision course
09.Orders of magnitude
10.Think tank trials
11.Blank look about face
12.Leper colony
13.Nom de guerre
14.Analisis paralysis
15.Opposites repellent
16.A gag reflex

OBSCURA – 2012 "Illegimitation" - Germany

2003 "Illegimitation"  Demo
01.And All Will To An End
04.Immanent Desaster 

2006 "Cosmogenesis" Pre-Production

06.Open the gates

2011 Session
08.Flesh and the Power it Holds - Cover death
09.Piece of Time - Cover Atheist
10.How Could I - Cover Cynic