Anal Cunt - 1997 I like it when you diey (USA)

Anal Cunt banda de Grindcore/Noise muy controvertida de Massachusetts, extremadamente obscena y cortante, lo que ellos llamaban "antimúsica": la música más rápida, caótica y ruidosa posibles con letras muy insultantes y obscenas.

1. Jack Kevorkian is cool
2. Valujet
3. You've got no friends
4. You keep a diary
5. You own a store
6. You got date raped
7. Recycling is gay
8. You're a cop
9. You can't shut up
10. You've got cancer
11. We just disagree
12. Hungry hungry hippos
13. You are an interior decorator
14. Pottery's gay
15. Rich Goyette is gay
16. Branscombe Richmond
17. You live in Allston
18. You are a food critic
19. Just the two of us (Duet with Hillary Logee)
20. Your band's in the cut-out bin
21. You're gay
22. You look adopted
23. Your cousin is Georges Lynch
24. You have goals
25. You drive an iroc
26. You play on a softball team
27. Because you're old
28. You sell cologne
29. Being a cobbler is dumb
30. You live in a houseboat
31. Richard Butler
32. 311 sucks
33. Your kid is deformed
34. You are an orphan
35. You're old (f@#k you)
36. You go to art school
37. Your best friend is you
38. You're in a coma
39. Windchimes are gay
40. No, we don't want to do a split seven inch with your stupid
41. René Auberjonois
42. The internet is gay
43. Ha Ha your wife left you
44. Hootie and the blowfish
45. You went to see Dishwalla and everclear (you're gay)
46. Locking drop dead in Mc Donalds
47. Technology's gay
48. Your favorite band is Supertramp
49. I'm in A.C
50. You (fill in the blank)
51. Kyle from Incantation has a mustache
52. Bonus track #3

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