NILE - 2012 "At the gates Of Sethu" (USA)

01.Enduring the eternal molestation of flame
02.The fiends who come to steal the magick of the deceased
03.The inevitable degradation of flesh
04.When my wrath is done
05.Slaves of Xul
06.The gods who light up the sky at the gate of sthu
07.Natural liberation of fear through the ritual deception of death
08.Ethno-Musicological cannibalisms
09.Tribunal of the dead
10.Supreme humanism of megalomania
11.The claining of the iniquitous


Napalm Death - 2012 "Utilitarian" U.K.

02.Errors in the signals
03.Everyday Pox
04.Protection Racket
05.The wolf I feed
07.Fall on the their swords
08.Collision course
09.Orders of magnitude
10.Think tank trials
11.Blank look about face
12.Leper colony
13.Nom de guerre
14.Analisis paralysis
15.Opposites repellent
16.A gag reflex

OBSCURA – 2012 "Illegimitation" - Germany

2003 "Illegimitation"  Demo
01.And All Will To An End
04.Immanent Desaster 

2006 "Cosmogenesis" Pre-Production

06.Open the gates

2011 Session
08.Flesh and the Power it Holds - Cover death
09.Piece of Time - Cover Atheist
10.How Could I - Cover Cynic


AB:NORM - 2000 "Inside" (Germany)

03.Bleed for me.
05.Next Generation.
06.The Third.


RUIDO DE ODIO - 1999 "Armenia/Ruido de Protesta" (Ecuador)

01 - El Imperio - El poder
02 - Deuda Externa
03 - Conversación
04 - Hambreador
05 - Plan Colombia 1
06 - Plan Colombia 2
07 - El Progreso
08 - Templo las Cadenas para Poderlas Romper
09 - Mueren en las Guerras
10 - Capitalismo
11 - La Prensa (protesta)
12 - Primer Mandatario (n.t.n.)
13 - Yanki fuera de Aki Yanki fuera de Manta
14 - Patriotas¡
15 - Cerdos
16 - Marioneta del Estado
17 - Marioneta del Estado (concierto)
18 - Hambreador-f.m.i.(concierto)
19 - La Revolución
20 - Victor Jara

Escuchalo Aquí

Autopsy - 2012 "All Tomorrow's Funerals" (USA)

01-All tomorrows funerals
02-Broken people
03-Mauled to death
04-Maggot holes
05-The tomb within
06-My corpse shall rise
07-Seven skulls
08-Human genocide
09-Mutant village
10-Horrific obsession
11-Feast of the graveworm
13-Fiend for blood
14-Keeper of decay
15-Squeal like a pig
16-Ravenous freaks
17-A different kind of mindfuck
18-Dead hole
19-Retribution for the dead
20-Destined to fester
21-In the grip of winter
22-Sign of the corpse

Terrorizer - 2012 "Hordes Of zombies" (Usa)

"Hordes of Zombies" la ultima placa de la leyenda del Grindcore estadounidense, la guitarra le corresponde a Katina Culture (Resistant Culture) en lugar del gran Jesse Pintado (RIP) miembro fundador de la banda.

02.-Hordes of zombies.
03.-ignorance and apathy.
06.-Radiation syndrome.
07.-Flesh to dust.
08.-Generation Chaos.
9.-Broken Mirrors.
10.-Prospect of obliion.
11.-Malevolent Ghosts
12.-Forward to annihilation.
13.-State of mind.
14.-A dying breed.
16.-Hordes of zombies (Demo)

Dorso - 2012 "Recolecciones Macabras del Campo Chileno" (Chile)

02.-Recolecciones macabras.
03.-El vampiro del cogollo.
04.-Garrafa cuesta arriba.
06.-La resurrección de Don Westancio.
07.-Visión Chilenoice. 

01.-El Carchancho.
02.-El Culebron.
04.-Descensos en Chile.
05.-El triunfo del Metal Chileno.
06.-Pico de gallina (Epilogo).

Napalm Death - 2000 "The Complete Radio One Sessions" (U.K)

01 - The Kill Prison Without Walls Dead Part I
02 - Deceiver Lucid Fairytale In Extremis
03 - Blind To The Truth Negative Approach Common Enemy
04 - Obstinate Direction Life You Suffer Part II
05 - Multi National Corporations Instinct Of Survival Stigmatised Parasites
06 - Moral Crusade Worlds Apart M A D
07 - Divine Death C's Control
08 - Walls Raging In Hell Conform Or Die's O B
09 - Unchallenged Hate Murdered Mentally
10 - From Enslavement To Obliteration Suffer The Childten
11 - Retreat To Nowhere Scum
12 - Deceiver Social Sterility
13 - Glimpse Into Genocide
14 - Greed Killing
15 - My Own Worst Enemy
16 - Anti Body

Criminal - 2008 "Live At Arena Santiago 31.05.08 (Telon Megadeth)" (Chile)

01- Denial
02- Collide
03- Self-Destruction
04- Descontruction
05- Hijos De La Miseria
06- Cancer
07- Slave Master
08- Rise & Fall (1)
09- Rise & Fall (2)
10- New Disorder

Bloody Exitation - 2010 "Aggressive Distortion" Demo(chile)

01 - Bloody Excitation
02 - 10 Gr.
03 - Tus Miedos
04 - A.O.D.

Lamb of God - 2012 "Resolution" (Usa)

01 - Straight For The Sun
02 - Desolation
03 - Ghost Walking
04 - Guilty
05 - The Undertow
06 - The Number Six
07 - Barbaraosa
08 - Invictus
09 - Cheated
10 - Insurrection
11 - Terminally Unique
12 - To The End
13 - Visitation
14 - King Me

ABORTED - 2012 "Global Flatline" (Belgica)

01 Omega Mortis
02 Global Flatline
03 The Origin Of Disease
04 Coronary Reconstruction
05 Fecal Forgery
06 Of Scabs And Boils
07 Vermicular, Obscene, Obese
08 Expurgation Euphoria
09 From A Tepid Whiff
10 The Kallinger Theory
11 Our Father, Who Art Of Feces
12 Grime
13 Endstille
14 Eructations Of Carnal Artistry
15 Nailed Through Her Cunt

Rwake - 2007 "Voices Of Omens" (Usa)

Rwake es realmente una experiencia macabra.desoladora, adicta un completo cóctel de desgarros y sufrimientos, estos compadres están realmente mal de la cabeza ya que de otro modo no podrían hacer algo así , después de haber escuchado estos cinco discos les puedo decir que es la DEMENCIA hecha música. 

01 Intro
02 The Finality
03 Crooked Rivers
04 Fire And Flight.
05 Leviticus.
06 Of Grievous Abominations
07 Bridge
08 Inverted Overtures
09 The Lure Of Light

Rwake - 2004 "If You Walk Before You Crawl You Crawl Before You Die" (Usa)

01 - Dying Spiral Galaxies
02 - Forge
03 - Imbedded
04 - Intro
05 - Sleep And Forget Forever.
06 - Woodson Lateral.
07 - If You Walk Before You Crawl.
08 - You Crawl Before You Die

Rwake - 2002 "Hell Is A Door To The Sun" (Usa)

01 - The Cat And The Snake
02 - Smog Monster.
03 - Hell Is A Door To The Sun.
04 - Unleashing Cosmic Destruction.
05 - The Stoner Tree.
06 - Sight Beyond Sight.
07 - The River.

Rwake - 1999 "Absence Due To Projection" (Usa)

01 - The War Against The Christians
02 - Piss And Shit.
03 - Stratos
04 - Worts
05 - His Disease
06 - Sketzencydh
07 - The More They Eat The More They Shit
08 - Omega

Rwake - 1998 "Xenoglossalgia (The Last Stage Of Awareness)" Demo (Usa)


Autopsy - 2009 "Horrific Obsession" EP (Usa)

01.-Horrific Obsession.
02.-Feast of the Graveworm

Pyrotoxic - 2007 "Flames Of Armageddon" (Finlandia)

01.- Crush Kill Destroy
02.-Evil Dictator.
03.-The Pit of Blasphemers
04.-Wolf Rider

Infantry / Pyrotoxic - 2008 "Thrash Clash Vol 4" Split (Fin/Usa)

O1.-Imprisoned by fire
02.-The Betrayal
03.-Malicious thrill to kill
04.-Desecrate the church
05.-Black metal.

07.Nocturnal violator.
08.-Nuclear war (has no rules)
09.-Cursed midnight.
11.-Secrets of steels.


Violent Green - 2009 "Abyssus in Terra" EP (Australia)

01.-Bring out the dead.
02.-There will be blood.
03.-Welcome to hell.
06.-Heal me


Waco Jesus - 2009 "Sex Drugs and Death Metal" Usa

01.-I live for this shit.
02.-Evil force.
03.-Down in flame.
04.-Nothing in common with us.
05.-Straight from the slums.
06.-The ubdisputed always denied.
07.-Losing my mind.
08.-Sex drugs and death metal.


Machetazo - 2011 "Live at CBGB New York City" (España)

01.-El enjambre asesino.
03.-Yo fui caníbal adolescente.
04.-Adoremos al cráneo cornudo.
05.-La flema.
09.-El necronomicon templario.
10.-Un vestido de pellejo humano.
11.-Niebla fúnebre.
12.-ataque simio.
14.-Potro de tortura.
15.-Ace of Spades (Motorhead Cover).
16.-Trono de huesos.
17.-Black Metal (Venom Cover).


VENOM - 2011 "Fallen Angels" (U.K)

03.-Pedal to the metal.
04.-Lap of the gods.
05.-Damnation of Souls.
07.-Hail satanas.
09.-Punks not dead.
10.-Death be thy name.
11.-Lest we forget.
12.-Valley of the kings.
13.-Fallen angels.
14.-Annunaki legacy
15.-Blackened blues.